Events \ Benvenuto Club Christmas Bazaar

At Sporting Club Monza

Saturday, 18 of November 2017 - 10:00

Price: € 0.00

Reference person: Chiara Scudeletti

We are delighted to share this event with Sporting Club members & its associated clubs, & to open our doors to Benvenuto Internationals from the surrounding area. In this way, we will share the year-round planned charity events of our respective organizations.

The activities developed over the years by our creative ladies have lead to great involvement of membership, and many novices have produced works no less amazing than masterpieces! You'll surely enjoy viewing the pictures shared by two of our well-known experts, Anna Anselmi & Adua Ornstein & many, many others you'll become acquainted with.

In gathering more members around our "arts and crafts" movement, we'd like to set the challenging goal of producing exclusive items, among a larger collection, to reserve for special Auction Sales during the social charity events mentioned. Earlyin June, I wrote to a few friends in the Club asking them to begin scrambling through ideas for our Christmas event... and they soon came up with impeccable plans!

Besides the ready-to-start workshops that need only be synchronized with your weekly routine, you'll find a list of other areas connected to past bazaars, in which your help is precious for team set-up. But this, ladies, is a call for all those who are or were vacationing (luckily...for them...without internet connection &/or mobiles!), & with whom I could not finalize other arrangements.

Pitch in quickly...whether you're inclined to teaching, leading or 'doing'!... We need EVERYONE to make our Xmas fair the unforgettable attraction it has always been!
Coordination of workshops will be on an individual basis, making the continuation of such activities possible throughout the year, and soon you'll learn how materials, expenses and venues will be dealt with.

An important reminder for donations: contact us to collect your workable items to be used for a few of the techniques illustrated. Lots of the material used for the finished products is among the precious treasures from past activities, still stored by a few of our members.

The Sporting Club will also be preparing a very special and deliciously inviting low cost dining surprise in line with the seasonal tradition, to make your involvement in food production exclusively oriented towards sales and auction production.

So, here goes!...

Christmas Bazaar Workshops (planned & coordinated by Anna Anselmi & Ursula Accordino at their homes with openings for everyone!)
- Découpage
- Hand Sewn Christmas Items
- Biedermeier
- Christmas Crowns & Decorations
- Hand Crafted Jewelry...
Please sign up by writing an email, making a call or sending a message to Anna Anselmi or Lia Ariosto

Christmas Bazaar Workshops (to be arranged)
- Christmas Cards
- Quilting
- Ikebana
- Origami
- Acrylic Painting
- Watercolor
- Sumi-e
- Christmas Crackers
- Christmas Sweets from all traditions
- Jams, Jellies & Homemade Liqueurs
- Cakes & special traditional food stalls
- Packaging and Sales

Christmas Bazaar Special Stalls in the Works (to be confirmed)
- Wine tasting and bottle sale
- Vintage items and Clothes
- Children's books, selected games & toys
- White Elephant (special lottery pick to be planned)
- Silent Auction (lovely to try this year)
- Book, record and CD stalls

Last but not at all least...

Entertainment Let's involve our families with music and special Santa Claus activity for children
Children's Choir Moms and tods are wanted to conduct choirs age 3 to 93 (or over!)

In thanking you for your attention, I'd like to stress how critical it is that we speed up activities for the deadline. We'll be making organization easy, quick and productive, but we need EVERYONE to sign up very quickly. We count on you! The more, the greater!

Please present your request to lead a group for these activities by specifying what you'd like to be part of. Provide us with your requirements for possible venues and dates, by writing to Chiara Scudeletti at, who will redirect your request to the appropriate focal point.